Friday, March 14, 2008

One Jerusalem: End Of Week Review

From an email:
End of Week Review: March 14, 2008

Dear Friend of Jerusalem,

Here are some of the leading headlines, from the all-new One Jerusalem Blog:

The Personal Impact of the Massacre in Jerusalem: Written by a parent and friend. Dear Family and Friends, I am writing to share some reflections triggered by the terror attack in Jerusalem last night—which touched us personally, even though, thank God, nobody in our family was at...(read more)

The Aftermath: Join praying for the young vivtims in hospital: Boker Tov has their names. Thousands attended the funerals of those murdered in Jerusalem. Predictably the politicians announced they will not let the terrorists stop peace talks between the Palestinian Authority and...(read more)

Together we can win the fight to maintain a united Jerusalem!

The One Jerusalem Team
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