Sunday, October 24, 2010

Iran--Like Its Puppets Hamas And Hezbollah--Stages Kidnappings Across Its Borders

The latest batch of documents released by Wikileaks is making news, but one of the items covered has nothing to do with the Iraq War, but rather with Americans kidnapped by Iran in Iraq:
The three American hikers arrested by Iran last year were on the Iraqi side of the border, according to US military documents released on Friday by WikiLeaks, reported the New York Times.

The internal US document highlights military grids where the group was detained, which the Times said were on the Iraqi side of the border.

Two of the three - Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer - have been held in a Tehran jail for more than a year, and their female companion Sarah Shourd was released last month. All three, along with US authorities, have insisted they were not in Iranian territory.

The document described their arrest as a "kidnapping" of US tourists, supporting the hikers' claim - contrary to Tehran's insistence - that they were visiting the area but were not US intelligence operatives.
It's not surprising to see that kidnapping is a tactic used by Iran under Ahmadinejad, especially since there is reason to believe that Ahmadinejad participated in the Iran hostage crisis.

And still the US allows Ahmadinejad to enter the country to speak at the UN.

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NormanF said...

And both the US and Israel are afraid to bring him to justice.

So much for "never again."