Sunday, October 24, 2010

Video: The Jonathan Pollard 9000 Day Rally

The center-piece of this video is a speech by Dr. Hagai
Ben-Artzi, brother-in-law of Prime Minister Netanyahu. Hagai speaks with
passion about Jonathan Pollard and his devotion to the Land and People of
Israel and of his selflessness and principled unwillingness to be freed in
any deal that might put Jewish lives at stake by the release of murderers
and terrorist or the uprooting of Jews from their homes. Ben-Artzi's words
are heart-rending as he calls upon his brother-in-law PM Netanyahu not to
abandon a soldier in the field, to finish the job and bring Pollard home

Worthy of Note: Video includes interesting foootage of the recent 9000-Day
Vigil for Jonathan Pollard that was recently held in a 3 day marathon at
Gesher HaMeitarim in Jerusalem. Recognizable, for the most part, by all the
Pollard 9000-days-in-captivity banners and signs.

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