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Muslim Slavery In Pakistan

The Australian edition of Christian Today is reporting about a Pakistani Muslim who beat a Christian who refused to work for him as a slave:
A Muslim land owner in Pakistan this month subjected a 25-year-old Christian to burns and a series of humiliations, including falsely charging him with having sex with his own niece, because the Christian refused to work for him without pay.

Fayaz Masih is in jail with burns on his body after No. 115 Chitraan Wala village head Zafar Iqbal Ghuman and other villagers punished Masih for refusing to work as a slave in his fields, said the Rev. Yaqub Masih, a Pentecostal evangelist. The village is located in Nankana Sahib district, Punjab Province.

Sources said neither Fayaz Masih nor his family had taken any loans from Ghuman, and that they had no obligations to work off any debt for Ghuman as bonded laborers.

Yaqub Masih said the young man’s refusal to work in Ghuman’s fields infuriated the Muslim, who was accustomed to forcing Christians into slavery. He said Ghuman considered Masih’s refusal an act of disobedience by a “choohra,” the pejorative word for Christians in Pakistan.
Fortunately, the police were called in--unfortunately, they did nothing:
After Masih collapsed from the abuse, Yaqub Masih and Gill [a man from the same village] called local police. Police did not arrive until three hours later, at 3:30 p.m., they said, led by Deputy Superintendent of Police Shoiab Ahmed Kamboh and Inspector Muhammad Yaqub.

“They rebuked the Muslim villagers that they could have killed this Christian youth, and they told them to give him a bath at once and change his clothes, in order to reduce the evidence against them,” Gill said.

Family members of Masih said Kamboh and Inspector Yaqub arrested some of the leading figures within the mob, but soon thereafter they received a call to release every Muslim.

“Instead of taking the Muslim men into custody, they detained my brother, and he was taken to the police station,” Seema Bibi said.
Of course, we don't normally associate slavery with Pakistan--instead, we associate it with the Muslim slave trade in Sudan and Mauritania, a topic that came up when Farrakhan resurrected his claim of Jewish involvement in the slave trade. I Abolish, the American anti-slavery group noted in July:
 it’s been almost two decades since Farrakhan’s abrupt and intriguing near-silence on the Jews-as-slavers matter. The silence was forced upon him because he was caught out covering upexcusing, or denying that Arab/Muslims were (and still are) enslaving blacks in Sudan and Mauritania. Farrakhan’s job is to convince Blacks that Jews are their enemies and that Islam is the path to freedom. But when Jewish and Black writers in or allied with, the American Anti-Slavery Group (AASG) documented the Arab/Islamic slave trade -- not only in the New York Times, but also widely in the Black press and on Black TV news shows, Farrakhan’s agenda was jeopardized. A fight ensured. The Times reported that Farrakhan exploded at a press conference when asked about his silence regarding Blacks serving Islamic masters. Farrakhan challenged the press: “Where is the proof? If slavery exists, why don’t you go as a member of the press and you look inside Sudan, and if you find it, then you come back and tell the American people what you found?”  When twoBaltimore Sun reporters, one black and one white, did just that, Louis Farrakhan took his “Jewish slavers” story and dove under the bed. 
Unfortunately, the issue of continued slavery in Muslim countries is being covered up as well.

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Daniel - Yurtdışı Eğitim said...

Slavery takes place in different forms all over the world even in most developed countries. Hope, civilization will evolve enough to prevent such primitive and barbaric behaviours.

JB said...

Jews were in fact very prominent in all facets of the slave trade:

Rabbi Bertram W. Korn wrote:

"It would seem to be realistic to conclude that any Jew who could afford to own slaves and had need for their services would do so....Jews participated in every aspect and process of the exploitation of the defenseless blacks."

SOURCE: "Jews and Negro Slavery in the Old South, 1789-1865," in Abraham J. Karp

Seymour B. Liebman
"They came with ships carrying African blacks to be sold as slaves. The traffic in slaves was a royal monopoly, and the Jews were often appointed as agents for the Crown in their sale....[They] were the largest ship chandlers in the entire Caribbean region, where the shipping business was mainly a Jewish enterprise....The ships were not only owned by Jews, but were manned by Jewish crews and sailed under the command of Jewish captains."

SOURCE: New World Jewry 1493-1825: Requiem for the Forgotten (KTAV, New York, 1982), pp. 170, 183.

Arnold Wiznitzer
"The West India Company, which monopolized imports of slaves from Africa, sold slaves at public auctions against cash payment. It happened that cash was mostly in the hands of Jews. The buyers who appeared at the auctions were almost always Jews, and because of this lack of competitors they could buy slaves at low prices. On the other hand, there also was no competition in the selling of the slaves to the plantation owners and other buyers, and most of them purchased on credit payable at the next harvest in sugar. Profits up to 300 percent of the purchase value were often realized with high interest rates....If it happened that the date of such an auction fell on a Jewish holiday the auction had to be postponed. This occurred on Friday, October 21, 1644."

SOURCE: Jews in Colonial Brazil (1960), pp. 72-3

compiled @

Daled Amos said...

I assume JB that you are acknowledging that in terms of the present day, slavery does in fact continue in Muslim countries--in spite of Farrakhan's denial.

JB said...

With respect.. My post reflects the fact that Farrakhan's assertions regarding Jewish involvement in the slave trade was and is spot on. As a matter of fact he has relied on Jewish Scholars and Authors for his assertions. The website, contains their quotes.

Now there is and has been a load of BULLs#-- often regurgitated regarding "slavery in Sudan" "Save Darfur" etc.. Farrakhan quite adequately illuminated that hypocrisy and added additional clairty in this video: Darfur Seeking The Truth (

Daled Amos said...

So your position is that there is no slavery in Muslim countries in the 21st century?

Daled Amos said...

Of course, if you are going to refer to videos, here is one of Charles Jacobs and Mohamed Athie appearing on Tony Brown's Journal

Daled Amos said...

Just to clarify:
Charles Jacobs and Mohamed Athie are from The American Anti-Slavery Group.

International Humanist and Ethical Union has also responded to slavery in Sudan and Mauritania.

As has the UN.

It has been documented in the news

So are you saying slavery does not exist now, that it existed and was stopped, or that it has never existed in the Muslim world?

JB said...

Charles Jacobs is a fraudster extraordinaire and he lacks credibility!

Karin Friedemann asks and answers, Who exactly is Charles Jacobs?

A Polish immigrant armed with only a BA from Rutgers and a Masters in Education from Harvard has proven exceptionally effective in manipulating the US government and major American institutions into following policy blueprints created by his Israel advocacy organization, the David Project. Charles Jacobs, like Charles Krauthammer and Richard Perle, obtains speaking engagements through a PR firm called Benador Associates, which specializes in pro-Israel campus events focusing on Islam and terrorism.

The American Anti-Slavery Group grew directly out of Jacobs' pro-Israel advocacy. ..The American Anti-Slavery Group (AASG) is based in Boston and works closely with Christian Solidarity International. The organization has been closely involved in filming fraudulent "slave redemptions." ..Charles Jacobs and his American Anti-Slavery Group's carefully designed "PR puff pieces" have managed to secure national media coverage. This campaign to vilify Arabs and Muslims is a multimedia effort that supplies huge quantities of lurid, both popular and pseudo-academic hate material.

More @

Daled Amos said...

Again, putting aside the ad hominem attacks, are you in fact claiming that there is no slavery in the Muslim world today? For that matter, are you claiming that there has never been slavery in the Muslim world.

I put up another post on the question of Jews and Slavery here.

Feel free to conjure up more up more personal attacks, or throw in a conspiracy theory or two.

You could throw in some documented facts too, if you like.