Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The US Looks More And More Like Israel All The Time

I blogged the other day about how the UN Human Rights Council will be assessing the status of human rights in the US--an opportunity the membership of the group is sure to take advantage of.

But if having its human rights record criticized by Third World countries does not make Americans empathize with Israelis, the activities of Wikileaks should:

There has never been anything quite like WikiLeaks in American military history. We are engaged in a great experiment to see whether the U.S. military can still persist in a conflict when it knows that any and all of its private communications can become public -- and will be selectively aired and hyped by people with a preconceived bias against it. Had the public known in real time from periodic media leaks about operational disasters surrounding the planning for the D-Day landings, intelligence failures at the Bulge or Okinawa, or G.I. treatment of some German and Japanese prisoners, the story of World War II might have been somewhat different. But then, in those paleolithic days FDR and Winston Churchill did not have to be flawless to be perceived as being far better than Adolf Hitler.

So we now have a war within a war -- one to defeat the enemy, and quite another, to preemptively backtrack, footnote, and explain the context of one’s actions for future armchair judges and jurors who will adjudicate battle behavior from the library carrel.
Read the whole thing.

This may still be a far cry from the numerous foreign sponsored NGOs that Israel has to put up with--NGOs with a vested interest in turning out the kinds of reports that will insure continued funding. But the US Army is beginning to realize what it means to have any and every movement and decision put under the spotlight and analyzed by self-proclaimed experts on international law.

Unfortunately, only democracies seem to suffer the consequences of this self-described morality.
The terrorists only benefit.

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