Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Loss of Syrian Ally May Hit Hezbollah Especially Hard, While Hamas Flourishes

Odd that Hezbollah seems to be suffering from the unexplained explosions of weapon depots. It reminds one of the mysterious explosions that rocked Iran last year.

Between this year and last, there have been a number of unexplained explosions hitting Hezbollah arms deposts -- the kind that are not supposed to exist under UN resolution 1701.

Among them:

Lee Smith, in "Smugglers Galore: How Iran arms its allies", writes about why strikes against Hezbollah weapon depots may be especially effective now:
An explosion in southern Lebanon last week destroyed what is believed to have been a Hezbollah weapons depot. This latest in a series of mysterious “accidents” in Hezbollah-controlled precincts proved, as one Israeli official wryly remarked, that those who “sleep with rockets and amass large stockpiles of weapons are in a very unsafe place.” With the Party of God’s overland supply route through Syria choked off by the 22-month-long uprising against Syrian president Bashar al-Assad, and Israel virtually in total control of the maritime route, Hezbollah’s stockpile is being systematically degraded.
Read the whole thing.

In the past, compared with Hamas, Hezbollah seemed to be the more established and powerful terrorist group. Now, with the impending fall of the Assad regime, it may be that the Hamas terrorists will be flourishing as they take full advantage of their ability to smuggle weapons through Egypt with the help of Sudan and Libya.

Whether this is something that Morsi will stop, let alone tolerate, remains to be seen.

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Empress Trudy said...

When they have to fight a dirty war against other guerrillas, they don't come out on top every time. The IDF needs to study this with laser focus and learn precious lessons from this on how to burn down the bastards at their own game.