Monday, January 19, 2009

The Gazan Mentality

There are Gazans who think nothing of bombing civilians, and apparently believe this conflict will go on indefinitely:
"I have always been a supporter of rockets and all forms of resistance," said Aziz, the taxi driver. "But maybe Hamas needs to renew martyrdom operations instead," he said, referring to suicide attacks.

Hassan, the father of five, said there was little point in firing rockets if they were not effective.

"Rockets -- I think this issue needs to be stopped for sometime and restudied," he said. "Once we have a missile that can reach the heart of Tel Aviv and blow up a building, maybe they can resume fire."
Keep in mind that these thoughts are expressed in a Reuters article entitled: Enough is enough, say Gazans hoping for ceasefire.

Gazans are fully aware that the ceasefire is merely a lull, and an opportunity for them to rearm and continute where they left off.

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Anonymous said...

Do you realize that your heading, 'The Gazan Mentality' makes the assumption that certain groups / tribes / races / have a typical mentality ? Are you aware that is a viewpoint adopted by eugenicists and Nazis ? You must surely be aware, as the Holocaust shows us, that human nature is malleable and that the behavior of ALL sides is profoundly influenced by their historical and recent experience. There is no 'Gazan mentality'. Grow up.

Daled Amos said...

On the contrary, the issue is not where I am heading but rather Palestinian Arabs are heading under the brainwashing of children and their training.

I am obviously not talking about a matter of nature, but of nurture, which has been noted and recorded both in pictures and video.

It is not a question of 'growing up' but of clearly observable facts of what is going on in Gaza.

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