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Welcome To C-SPAN--And Thank-You For Slandering Jews!

CAMERA reports that various C-SPAN hosts of Washington Journal have taken virulently anti-Semitic comments from callers that require some sort of repudiation. 

Of course, you can argue that this is nothing more than an issue of freedom of speech, and anyway people in general recognize this kind of stuff for what it is and ignore it. By the same token, after looking (and listening) to some of the examples provided by CAMERA, it is difficult--if not impossible--to imagine these kinds of racist calls being accepted quite so sanguinely if they were in reference to any other race, or religion.

Take a look:

Example #2

"Security in South Asia" was the topic of the guest, Ashley J. Tellis of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, on the December 13, 2008 show in which an 8:28 to 8:30 AM caller voicing obviously ant-Semitic, anti-Israel remarks was allowed to rant on and on uninterrupted by the host, Greta Wodele-Brawner. Neither the host nor the guest repudiated the anti-Semitic rants.

This call can be heard on-line at:

Transcript excerpt:

HOST: Next call, Los Angeles, Democrats line, you're on the air.

CALLER: Hello, thank you for taking my call. You can go to and you can hear a call that I had for the former CIA operative - actually CIA field officer - (indistinct) Geraldi (ph) - he's Ron Paul's military advisor - and we were talking about the situation with Afghanistan and Pakistan and basically you had earlier callers talk about Israel and America and that whole conflict there stems from when we into Pakistan or actually into Afghanistan and now are going into Afghanistan as a result of 9/11. And what happened? How did 9/11 happen? Well, you can basically look at U.S. support for Israel's brutal oppression of the Palestinians. That resulted in 9/11. We went into Afghanistan as a result of that and now we're going into Pakistan. And the Indian connection here - Israelis are working hand in hand with the Indians. What do you expect these Muslims in Pakistan to do?

And the gentleman said there were six American citizens that were actually killed, you know, with the Mumbai terrorist attacks. Well, yeah, there were six members - according to my information - of the Chabad Lubavitcher outreach Jewish Chabad there. That's a radical Orthodox Jewish supremacist cult. It dates - do you know the doctrine of that? I'm not saying all Jewish people support that - but that particular cult which has a lot of influence on American (indistinct) - and I'll close with an article - Greta has been very kind with my time here - that is a radical cult - I mean, it is a Jewish supremacist cult - it basically says that if a Jew needs a liver, he can basically kill a non-Jew to get it. Not all Jews profess to that - so why aren't we talking about that? It's incredible but anyway, lastly, there's an article that appeared in the Hindustan Times - by a friend of mine, Allan Hart, who currently has a program on Press TV - th e Iranian channel - that's titled "Hart of the Matter." He basically warned Indian people to break the alliance with America because they're hand in hand working with the Israelis.

HOST: Thanks, Los Angeles.

Example #3

The November 29, 2008 Washington Journal "open phones" segment (no guest on hand), hosted by Robb Harleston, asked for comments on the question, "Can terrorism be defeated?" The 7:19 to 7:21 AM call was a slanderous attack on Jews and Israel. The host allowed the possibly deranged caller to proceed uninterrupted and provided no response whatsoever after the call ended.

This call can be heard on-line at:

Transcript excerpt:

HOST: Let's go to Bethesda, Maryland, on our line for Republicans. Good morning.

CALLER: Yes. Good morning. Terrorism can be defeated, and here is how you defeat terrorism. You go to our friend, the Mossad, and you ask them to please give up on the ideology of the Talmud, that's T-a-l-m-u-d. In the Talmud it says that the Gentiles must be exterminated as a necessary sacrifice. Now as long as you have these kinds of ideologies amongst Jewish Ashkenazis you're never going to end terrorism. But if you can ask these Jewish Ashkenazis to give up on the idea that anyone who is not a Jew is an animal, which is what is written in the Talmud, then you'll get the CIA and the Mossad to give up on false flag operations.

An article called "Truth about the Talmud" details very thoroughly what the Talmud says about non-Jews. It says that we're animals and we need to be exterminated. I think that everyone should look at the on-line article, "Truth about the Talmud," find out what Judaism says about Christians and Muslims. And then maybe we could put a stop to terrorism if we can also get the CIA to give up on false flag operations because it's been proven that their cells were taken down in New York by (indistinct) explosives. A Mossad organization front company called "Urban Movers" was the organization that planted the explosives in Tower 1, Tower 2, and Tower 7. Everyone should look at the documentary "Terror Storm" and you will see the maintenance engineer of the twin towers center saying the security cameras were shut down three weeks prior to 9/11 so they could plant the explosives.

HOST: Thanks for your call. Somerville, New York, on our line for Democrats.

Since when does Freedom of Speech mean the right to air Anti-Semitism without fear of being challenged or rebutted?

CAMERA asks that you contact C-SPAN:

1) Please contact C-SPAN Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Brian Lamb:

Brian Lamb, Chairman
400 North Capitol Street, NW Suite 650
Washington, DC 20001

Telephone: 202-626-7958
Alternative C-SPAN contacts:

C-SPAN main telephone: 202-737-3220


Additionally, you might contact an executive member of C-SPAN's Board of Directors (notice that these individuals are leaders of corporations that fund C-SPAN):

Stephen B. Burke, President
Comcast Cable Communications
1701 John F. Kennedy Boulevard
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania 19103
Telephone: 215-286-1700

Pat Esser, President
Cox Communications, Inc.
1400 Lake Hearn Northeast,
Atlanta, GA 30319
Telephone: 404-843-5000 or 888-566-7751

Landel Hobbs, Chief Operating Officer
Time Warner Cable
One Time Warner Center
New York, NY 10019-8016
Telephone: 212-484-8000
CAMERA asks that if you send an email that you send a blind copy (bcc) to

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