Monday, January 19, 2009

Will The US Offer Asylum To The World's Jews?

From Kenneth Anderson:

I wonder if the time has come for the United States to offer political asylum to the Jews of Canada, Britain, France, Belgium, the Netherlands, and elsewhere in Europe?
Best comment:
I agree that perhaps it's now time to so grant them asylum. However, we should demand that no more than 50% ever vote for Democrats?
Because as a group, Jews are permanently glued to liberalism--even if it bites us back.

Tim Blair writes: Jews haven’t been so vilified since Islamists attacked the US on 9/11.

And that of course is the point: all this nonsense about multiculturalism and respect--the kind that liberals spout and Muslims demand--is based on nothing more than fear of Muslim terrorism and violence, and is not an expression of genuine respect and concern. 

The conspicuous silence of the media and the government--in fact the conspicuous participation of the the media and the government--in the vilification of Jews is a condemnation of this whole charade. Unfortunately it is a condemnation that is spoken in a whisper.

At least, I am being generous in suggesting that this is no more than a case of gross hypocrisy.
There has been nothing so far to counter the suspicion that this is merely age-old global Anti-Semitism exposed.

Perhaps President Obama should offer Asylum to the world's Jews--it would be a bailout to save Jews from a global bankrupt morality.

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