Friday, January 16, 2009

Maybe Israel's Victory Depends On The Message Sent To Europe, Not Hamas

From Reuters:

Nobody knows how much money Gaza will need, but aid officials said the sums would be vast given the destruction.

Since the start of its offensive on December 27, Israel has bombed more than 2,000 targets in Gaza, an Israeli security source said. Few bridges or government buildings are still standing. Even partial reconstruction will take years.

Western donors who financed most of this infrastructure in the first place have grown weary of seeing it destroyed by the Israelis and then being asked to fund the rebuilding.

"We are pissed off," said a senior European diplomat based in the region. "We may end up paying again."

Maybe if Israel can convince Europe of the futility of pouring money into Gaza under Hamas, it can cut off funds to the terrorist group and the Gazans themselves might kick them out.

Then, if we can only cut off European money to Peace Now.

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