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One Jerusalem--End of Week Review: January 18, 2009

From an email:

End of Week Review: January 18, 2009

Dear Friend of Jerusalem,

Here are the latest headlines from the One Jerusalem Blog:

Perceptive Defense Of Israel By Spanish Think Tank: Dr. Rafael L. Bardaji, writing on behalf of Grupo de Estudiois Estrategicos, makes a compelling argument for the need for Israel to be allowed to finish the job against Hamas. While some have argued that Israel should cease fire immediately,... (read more)

The Way Hamas Educates the Palestinian Children: watch the video

Israel Kills Senior Hamas Leader: Last night, in a pinpoint attack Israel successfully ended the terrorist life of a senior Hamas leader who carried the title of Interior Minister. The target was consider the number three terrorist in Gaza.... (read more)

Arabs Quietly Backing Israel Against Hamas: Yesterday, a friend of One Jerusalem who lives in Tel Aviv sold a car he owned to an Arab who lives in Haifa. After concluding the transaction that Arab taxi driver and our friend engaged in a little chit chat... (read more)

United Nations Agency Has Record of Employing Terrorists: Following up on the story that Israel supposedly targeted a UN school in its battle against Hamas, journalist Joel Mowbray has uncovered the disturbing fact that a UN agency responsible for schools operating in Gaza has a history of employing... (read more)

Israel Is Resiliant In A Time of War: Tonight, I am reporting from Tel Aviv. I arrived in Israel yesterday and have been meeting with Israeli experts in Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. As you might expect, Israel's war with Hamas has reduced the number of tourists and pilgrims... (read more)

A Serious Comedic View of Israel and Hamas: watch the video

One Jerusalem Takes Southern Israel Families on Jerusalem Getaway Trip: The wonderful volunteers and members of One Jerusalem brought busloads of families from Southern Israel into Jerusalem, for a fun-filled day of respite and relief. Special thanks is in order to all of you who donated so generously and made... (read more)

Exclusive One Jerusalem Call With Benjamin Netanyahu: [Download MP3] In a news-making and fact-filled presentation, Israel's former Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, briefed American and international bloggers on Israel's defensive action against Hamas, Iran's role in the conflict and its threat to the free world, and... (read more)

German Police Help Arab Protest Against Israel: Gateway Pundit has video of German police tearing down Israeli flag to the chants of Allah Akbar by Arab demonstrators in German town. Look at the police officer here: Gateway's description of the scene follows:Today, 10.000 people demonstrated against Israel... (read more)

Together we can win the fight to maintain a united Jerusalem!

The One Jerusalem Team
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