Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Terrorists Will Be Terrorists: Hamas Has Rocket Envy

In an op-ed in the New York Times, Jeffrey Goldberg describes the Hamas jealousy of Hizbollah:
“Hezbollah is doing very well against Israel, don’t you think?” I asked [Nizar Rayyan]. His face darkened, suggesting that he understood the implication of my question. At the time, Hamas, too, was firing rockets into Israel, though irregularly and without much effect.

“We support our brothers in the resistance,” he said. But then he added, “I think each situation is different.”

...Hamas men across Gaza were of two minds on the subject of Hezbollah: One night, I met the members of a Hamas rocket team in the town of Beit Hanoun, on Gaza’s northern border with Israel. The group’s leader, who went by the name of Abu Obeidah, said that he, too, was frustrated by Hezbollah’s success against Israel; he even asked if Hamas’s rocket attacks that summer were featured on television in America, and seemed to deflate physically when I told him no.

“Everyone, all the media, says that Hezbollah is wonderful,” he complained. “We stand with our brothers of Hezbollah, of course, but, really, look at the advantages they have. They get all the rockets they will ever need from Iran.”

Of course, now that Hamas has their wish and shares the Iranian sugar daddy with Hizbollah, they have discovered such a privalege has a price: Iran is pushing Hamas in Gaza not to accept a ceasefire--or risk not receiving more arms. 

Hamas wanted to play in the big leagues of terrorism.
Now they are cowering underground and their benefactor will not let them call a time out.

Of course, Jews and Hizbollah are not the only ones Hamas has a problem with.
In the Palestinian civil war, Fatah, which today controls much of the West Bank and is engaged in intermittent negotiations with Israel, had become Mr. Rayyan’s direst enemy, a party of apostates and quislings. “First we must deal with the Muslims who speak of a peace process and then we will deal with you,” he declared.
It really is time to take Hamas out of the sandbox.

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