Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Now We Know What Happens When You Apply Obama's Solution For Iraq

In this case, we have the misfortune of applying Obama's Iraq policy to Gaza. As Abe Greenwald notes:
Anti-Iraq War folks, take note: This is what happens when you actually do what Barack Obama has been saying he wants to do and simply “end” a war without worrying about the winning part.
Greenwald is referring to the reported violation of the ceasefire by Hamas:
The Israel Air Force on Tuesday evening bombed a target in the Gaza Strip used earlier in the day Palestinian militants to fire eight mortar shells at Israel.

Militants on Tuesday also opened fire at Israel Defense Forces soldiers in Gaza in two separate incidents, in the first violation of a shaky cease-fire in the coastal strip that ended Israel's 3-week offensive against Hamas.
By Olmert by pulling an Obama:
Israel managed to curry an impressive amount of international goodwill throughout the Gaza operation, and perhaps Ehud Olmert determined that an internationally overseen cease-fire could help secure that goodwill - to be capitalized on another day. But when you let global opinion influence operational decisions so directly you end up constrained by the reality that’s been imposed on you from third parties.
The question now is what will happen when Obama himself takes a turn at imposing his solution on this conflict. Garnering goodwill is a great way to get the votes to become President, but surviving in the face of an enemy that wants to wipe you off the face of the earth?

Not so much.

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