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Video Alert: The UN Lynch Mob

From an email I received from Eye on the UN:
For Immediate Release:
January 14, 2009
Contact: Anne Bayefsky


The UN Lynch Mob

The Modern Face of Antisemitism

The UN lynch mob that seeks to demonize and destroy the Jewish state launched a new offensive at the UN Human Rights Council. A two-day emergency session with a title that testifies as to its one-sided, pre-ordained result - "The Grave Violations of Human Rights in the Occupied Palestinian Territory including the recent aggression in the occupied Gaza Strip" - ended on Monday, January 12th.

The session adopted a resolution that does not once mention Hamas.

Of the 47 members of the Council, only Canada voted against the resolution. The members of the European Union merely abstained.

The resolution:

  • "condemns" only Israel
  • claims only Israel is guilty of "aggression" and "grave violations of human rights"
  • claims Israel deliberately "targets civilians"
  • claims the only harm done to the Israeli side was "the loss of 4 civilian lives and some injuries"
  • calls for dozens of more reports on alleged Israeli crimes.

  • This emergency special session was the fifth the Council has had on Israel. By comparison, the Council has held nine regular sessions on human rights in all of the other 191 UN states.

    In its two and a half-year history, the Council has condemned Israel more often than all other states in the United Nations combined.

    What follows is just part of what the UN lynch mob had to say. In sum, according to the UN, the Jewish state has no real right of self-defense. This is the face of modern antisemitism.

    Watch by video:


    The UN message: Israelis are like Nazis

    Pakistan on behalf of the Organization of the Islamic Conference Gaza today resembles … a big concentration camp.

    The crimes committed during Israeli occupation against Palestinian people…are becoming a new holocaust.

    Condolences to...Palestinian victims whose lives were taken by Israel in the holocaust it is perpetrating.

    [NGO] World Federation of Trade Unions
    We must…put an end to this Holocaust.

    [NGO] Indian Movement Tupaj Amaru
    The people of Gaza strip…are condemned to a ghetto…The Human Rights Council should no longer allow an occupying power to strive to exterminate an unarmed population.


    The UN message: The Jew as blood-thirsty murderer

    We have seen an operation of systematic slaughter.

    The barbaric massacres and the genocide perpetrated against Palestinian civilians in Gaza are gross and flagrant war crimes.

    [We] consider it indispensable to adopt a firm resolution denouncing the genocide and criminal action of the Israeli government.

    Women and children in Palestine are being buried alive. The schools of the United Nations have been turned into mass graves…[We] condemn most severely this massacre ...[and] call on Council to hold accountable occupying authorities which commit genocide.

    We can carry out trials for those crimes against humanity and those responsible for this genocide.

    The Palestinian people is the victim of massacres today, massacres which go beyond all human understanding in the hands of the Israeli occupying authorities. These are war crimes and genocide.

    Ecuador launches a firm appeal…for the application of immediate, urgent necessary measures to put this genocide to an end.

    We are appalled by the massacres committed by the Israeli army…My country strongly condemns these crimes and the genocide perpetrated by the army of the Zionist entity.

    Democratic People's Republic of Korea
    Israeli atrocities as characterized by acts of state terrorism and crimes against humanity.

    There can be no possible political justification for such terrible massacres.

    It is our responsibility to stop the savagery against the Palestinian people.

    Arab League
    …For a third time the Human Rights Council meets in special session over two years to look into Israeli violations and abuse, targeted killing and collective massacres that are committed against the Palestinians…The aggression continues barbarically against the Palestinian civilians.

    United Arab Emirates
    This special session is being held while the world witnesses the most barbaric aggression in modern history. The barbaric Israeli aggression against Gaza has led to thousands of deaths and wounded.

    These mad attacks against mosques, schools, hospitals, UN facilities leading to victims among UN staff. … These are crimes against mankind, these are war crimes…Put an end to this bloodbath.

    Israel … is exercising her state terrorism in an organized fashion killing children and civilians deliberately, …Israel, has carried out attacks indiscriminately without distinguishing between children, women, the elderly…Israel is reiterating here its war crimes, crimes against humanity…Israel creates such massacres.

    We consider these latest actions yet another war crime and a crime against humanity.

    [NGO] Union of Arab Jurists
    The Israeli war machine continues to kill civilians, women, children, old people …These acts according to international conventions are considered crimes of war, crimes against humanity and genocide.

    [NGO] Nord Sud XXI
    The crime of genocide is being committed by Israel…Israel has provided unambiguous and significant evidence of the genocidal intention towards the Palestinian people. The genocide must be stopped.

    [NGO] Joint statement: Al-Haq, Law in the Service of Man, Badil Resource Center for Palestinian
    Residency and Refugee Rights and Adalah - Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, and Cairo Institute for Human Rights Studies (CIHRS) The continuing air strikes on the Gaza strip are being committed as part of a widespread and systematic attack directed against the civilian population bringing them to the level of crimes against humanity.

    [NGO] Joint statement: International Federation of Human Rights Leagues (FIDH) and Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR)
    Why is Israel ethnic cleansing Jerusalem?

    [NGO] Mouvement contre le racisme et pour l'amitié entre les peuples (MRAP)
    The massacres underway… in the Gaza Strip are war crimes and crimes against humanity. … MRAP speaks out against the xenophobic and racist policy being implemented.

    [NGO] Europe-Third World Centre (CETIM)
    The military Israeli operations …suggest a deliberate wish to systematically attack the civilian population…The State of Israel has carried out war crimes and crimes against humanity.

    [NGO] Indian Movement Tupaj Amaru
    State terrorism and Israeli racism have taken on dramatic proportions.


    The UN message: Attacks on Israel are trivial or justified

    Egypt on behalf of Arab group
    We cannot equate between military operations by formal army and small rockets used by some armed groups.

    Hamas is democratically elected and is engaged in legitimate self defense against the occupiers.

    Sri Lanka
    We cannot accept… the argument that the ceasefire broke down because of sporadic rocket fire… The fact of sporadic terrorism cannot obscure the larger longer historical fact of occupation.

    ...Gaza that has become a gulag...[Israel]…with an over-equipped army, a machine to kill one of the most sophisticated, against a handful of militants with the most basic weapons. Militants whose only error it was to rise up against their jailers of their gulag...This rebellion is termed terrorism because those in Gaza are not seen as having the right to defend themselves…

    Some countries describe state terrorism as legitimate self defense.

    While terrorism has emerged as one element of ongoing conflict, the conflict is not about terrorism. The central issue is a self-determination of the Palestinian people.

    League of Arab States
    The fact is that Israel is the occupying power and the people of Palestine want to liberate itself from this occupation.

    [NGO] Union of Arab jurists
    Israeli crimes including the apartheid wall and the expansion of settlements require resistance which is a legitimate right of all peoples under occupation.

    [NGO] Indian Movement Tupaj Amaru
    The Israeli state justifies its barbaric aggression claiming it is defending itself against the homemade bombs…Gaza is martyr of resistance to colonial occupation.

    [NGO] Nord Sud XXI
    We express our profound respect for the Palestinian people and their elected government who bravely assert their legal and legitimate right to self-determination.

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