Saturday, January 17, 2009

Hey, Olmert, Didn't You Guys Forget Someone?

While talking about the unilateral ceasefire:
Turning his attention to IDF captive Gilad Shalit, Olmert said: "The Israeli government is working in many ways to bring Gilad Shalit home and, during the days of the operation, we did many things that brought us closer to this goal, upon which I will not elaborate."

"Gilad is at the top of our list of priorities," the PM said.
Really? Apparently someone forgot to tell the IDF:
In accordance with the cabinet’s decision to accept the Egyptian proposal and the announcement of a unilateral ceasefire in the Gaza Strip, the IDF is currently taking the necessary measures to implement the decision.

The cabinet’s decision was made after the IDF achieved the objectives it set for Operation Cast Lead, chiefly dealing the Hamas terror organization a heavy blow to its infrastructure, weaponry stockpiles, rocket launching program and its terror operatives.
In listing the objectives of Operation Cast Lead, there is no mention at all of Gilad Shalit.

If Operation Cast Lead is indeed over, then after Israel packs up and leaves--all that Hamas need do is have a live broadcast showing Shalit still imprisoned and declare that they have won.

And in a sense, they will have.

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