Thursday, January 15, 2009

Please Daven For Israeli Soldiers in Gaza and Wounded Civilians

from an email:
Please say T'hillim for: Wounded IDF Soldiers:
  • Aharon Yehoshua ben Chayah Shoshana - second lieutenant married a few hours before being called up - critically injured from a booby-trapped home in Gaza;
  • Ben ben Batya;
  • Ben ben Netiva – critical with head injuries & has had one hand amputated and doctors are battling to save his other hand;
  • Daniel ben Sarah;
  • Dvir ben Leah - seriously injured in his legs;
  • Edward ben Sarah;
  • Eitan ben Sarah – very serious leg injury;
  • Elishama Shalom ben Rivka Leah;
  • Evgeny ben Elizabeth – leg injury;
  • Gal ben Aliza (Elsa);
  • Gal ben Hedva – seriously injured with shrapnel to his jaw & mouth;
  • Gershom Elazar ben Chasha;
  • Hoshea ben Miriam;
  • Idan ben Liora - light shrapnel injuries;
  • Idan ben Nadi – moderate shrapnel injuries;
  • Lior ben Mazal;
  • Maxim ben Olga - light lower leg injury, operation to remove shrapnel;
  • Moshe ben Chana Malka;
  • Moshe ben Eidi – head injury;
  • Moshe ben Pnina Rose;
  • Nadav ben Miriam (Maria) - light shrapnel injuries;
  • Neriya ben Rivka – very serious head injury;
  • Netanel ben Mazal Tov;
  • Netanel ben Navah - moderate shrapnel wounds to a lower extremity;
  • Noam ben Aliza - one leg amputated; doctors fighting to save the other;
  • Ohad ben Bracha – moderate facial injuries;
  • Omer ben Dorit – light shrapnel injuries to legs;
  • Oren ben Avraham;
  • Oren ben Chaya – seriously injured shoulder & hand – has had one finger amputated;
  • Ran ben Merril – moderate shoulder injury;
  • Raphael ben Nina – very seriously injured;
  • Ron ben Havatzelet – seriously injured with shrapnel over all of his body;
  • Ron ben Yisroel;
  • Ronen Chai ben Leah – seriously injured;
  • Sagi ben Osnat – light shrapnel injuries to his leg;
  • Tal ben Anat;
  • Tom ben Chana;
  • Yakov ben Orly;
  • Yakov ben Yardena;
  • Yisrael ben Ilana - light shrapnel injury to an ear;
  • Yitzchak ben Navah - moderate shoulder injury;
  • Yo'ad Ido ben Frieda Elka - light shrapnel injuries;
  • Yosef Chaim ben Ziva – very seriously injured on the entire left side of his body - regained consciousness recently;
  • Avi Cohen;
  • Daniel Tamarov;
  • Oleg Dizengoff;
  • Ori Noga;
  • Roni Rapaport;
  • Sagi Cohen;
  • Tzviki Bar-Chai;
  • Wahal Mijan (Druze soldier) – critical, has metal shards in his brain, has had three operations and doctors are battling to save his life;
  • Yaakov Wolf - hit by shrapnel in his neck that miraculously missed his jugular vein;

Wounded Israeli Civilians:

  • Avi ben Chamo;
  • Bat El bat Phoebe – moderately injured from kassam rocket that fell in Netivot;
  • Gavriel ben Sarah - from Sderot – child in severe shock from kassam attack;
  • Gila bat Chana;
  • Gila bat Odelia – moderately injured by kassam attack in Netivot;
  • Michael ben Anna;
  • Yakov ben Miriam;
  • Yakov ben Rivka - very seriously injured from kassam rocket;

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