Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Blog Diffusion Experiment

I found this on Outside The Beltway:
Marc Danziger is trying to spread this “Happy Flu” meme, part of an experiment to see how these things spread. If you’ve got a blog and you saw this here first, click “Spread It” and get the code to embed on your own site. As people do that, little circles will appear which will in turn do somethingoranother and demonstrate something about diffusion on the Internet

UPDATE: From Knowledge Jolt With Jack:
The slider on the right does a zoom in/out, and you can click-and-drag to navigate around the larger window. And if you click on a node, you can see the name of the website in the top bar. And clicking on the url will take you to that website. The basic network looks like hub-and-spoke.
For more info, check out the Happy Flu website and FAQ.
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