Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Olmert To Make Dramatic Announcement At 1:00PM (Updated)
Olmert to make dramatic announcement this evening

PM to address public live at 8 pm Wednesday, summons press to his office. Earlier Olmert slammed Israeli public's propensity to 'grumble,' said State cannot handle Iranian threat while juggling all education, welfare, housing needs

Prime Minister Ehud Olmert will make a dramatic announcement to the public on Wednesday at 8 pm. Hee summoned reporters to his residence, and the address will be made from there.

The prime minister became enraged with the actions of the coalition and the Labor Party earlier in the day, and has previously threatened to dismiss ministers who vote against the government's directives, but it is unclear whether his announcement will pertain to this matter.
So will Olmert--
a. Announce making cabinet related measures
b. Announce Peace in our time
c. Resign
d. Announce: "Gotcha!"

What do you think?

Olmert Won't Run, Will Resign in September

At a sudden press conference, the Prime Minister announced he will not participate in his party's primaries. He said he would resign when a new party leader is chosen, "in order to enable the new leader to form a new government."

Kadima's primaries are to be held on September 17.

Olmert began his speech, timed to coincide with the national televised evening news broadcasts, by boasting of his administration's economic successes, such as low unemployment. He added, however, that he believes that peace with the Arabs is the most important mission he faces.

Of course, he's right--peace with the Arabs is important. But when there is no one with the authority or leadership to negotiate with, Olmert just ended up offering one "painful concession" after another.

In the end, Olmert made the most painful concession of all.

Check out Israel Matzav, who liveblogged Olmert's speech.

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