Thursday, July 17, 2008

Issue Of When Regev and Goldwasser Were Murdered Is Not Academic

From Arutz Sheva:
An examination of the bodies of kidnapped IDF soldiers Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev has determined that the two reservists were killed close to the time of the attack in which they were abducted.

However, it is still not clear as to whether they died in the initial attack, or at the hands of their kidnappers after they were taken captive.

Goldwasser died from a wound to the chest that resulted from the rocket-propelled grenade (RPG) that hit the Hummer he was riding in.

Regev was shot in the head, possibly while trying to escape the burning Hummer.
The point is that the issue of when Regev and Goldwasser died is not a purely academic one.
Veteran journalist and Israel Resource News Agency bureau chief David Bedein charged Hizbullah with carrying out a war crime.

Bedein said in a statement issued Wednesday, “A few days after Goldwasser and Regev were captured, then-Cabinet Secretary Yisrael Maimon convened a news briefing following the cabinet meeting in which he told reporters that the two soldiers were captured alive,” making them prisoners of war.

He noted that he personally attended at least 12 more briefings over the next few months, in each of which Maimon said that he relied on Israeli intelligence data saying that Goldwasser and Regev were alive when they were taken prisoner by Hizbullah.

Rev. Jesse Jackson, acting as an independent envoy, as well as the International Red Cross and the United Nations, all confirmed that Israeli POWs Regev and Goldwasser were alive, he added.

Bedein also notes says that "the question remains as to which international body will remember that."

And that is the reason that the issue will remain academic--only Israel responds to criticism and pressure from the West. Hizbullah just ignores such niceties as International Law and War Crimes as so much kuffar nonsense. Without teeth, the West statements on such issues are less than worthless.

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