Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Forget Peace Between The PA and Israel--What Happened To The Mecca Agreement?

Just how can real peace be achieved between Israel and the PA, when the PA and Hamas--who have clearly attempted to get back together--have failed so miserably at it. How can the US expect the Arab world to back and support peace between Israel and Palestinian Arabs when the Arab world will not actively support mediation between Fatah and Hamas? And just why won't the Arab world step in? The Daily Star explains: should be obvious why Arab mediation in domestic Palestinian affairs is being kept on the backburner. Apart from American influence, no Arab capital wants a repeat of the Mecca agreement [see here]. If the Palestinians cannot respect the wishes and good offices of the Saudis, with all their leverage, and uphold an agreement reached in the holiest Islamic site, would they respect it if reached elsewhere? What has changed to convince any Arab capital to put its weight behind a new mediation attempt?
And by extension, if Saudi backing cannot make the Mecca agreement a reality, what chance does the US have with Annapolis or any other agreement of making peace between Israel and the Palestinian Arabs a reality at the current time?

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