Thursday, July 24, 2008

For Obama, Not Everything Went According To Plan In Israel (Updated)

Obama's stopover in Israel was a success--especially if most of the media glosses over stuff like this:
Barack Obama heckled as he visits Western Wall

Barack Obama completed his trip to the Middle East with a pre-dawn visit to the holiest place in Judaism where he received a mixed reaction from Orthodox Jews.

The US presidential nominee was heckled as he visited the Western Wall in the early hours of Thursday morning, bowing his head in prayer and observing traditional custom by placing a folded piece of paper into the crevice of the wall.

Orthodox men interrupted their morning prayers to catch a glimpse of the Illinois senator, reaching out to shake his hand as he passed them by. But not all were taken by the Democrat. One yelled out: “Obama, Jerusalem is not for sale!” before Mr Obama was whisked away to his waiting plane.
Only one said it; how many were thinking it?

UPDATE: Apparently, TimesOnline was downplaying what actually happened--and didn't happen at the Kotel. Check out Gateway Pundit:
Obama's Wailing Wall Rally a Bust--- Turns Into Mob Scene-- Worshippers Scream at Obama!! ...Update: Video
Apparently only a handful of Obama supporters showed up at the Kotel--and no wonder:
"As of Tuesday morning, "Israelis for Obama," had about 57 members. Mr. Jassen says only six actually live in Israel."
Read the whole thing.

[Hat tip: Michelle Malkin]

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Unknown said...

Hello there,
I would like to recommend a great article about the need for acceptance and warmth within the Orthodox community in order to prevent the success of missionaries that pray on Jews looking to feel accepted religiously. Hope you enjoy it, it's a great read to help reflect on this sad time for our people.