Monday, July 14, 2008

Have A Question About Salaries Or Israeli Labor Laws?--July 15

From an email:
Subject: EVENT: Have a question about salaries or Israeli labor laws?
On Tuesday July 15th at 7pm Israel time, JobMob will be hosting a chat
with Israeli payroll and labor law specialist Moshe Egel-Tal.

According to Moshe, topics that might be covered include "anything
that pertains to Israeli labor laws, employee rights (including
termination/resignation - severance pay, advance notice, etc) … If it
is something I can't answer or don't deal with - I will say so and
direct them to the proper channel."

All the details are here:

If you have questions for Moshe but won't be able to participate in
the chat, cc me in reply to this email with your questions and I'll
make sure Moshe gets them.

Also, I just announced the 2008 JobMob Guest Blogging Contest as well.
There's already a US$150 prize involved and should be more to come. If
you have a job search story or advice to share, this is for you:


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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link love, Daled, I hope your readers find it all useful.

Stumbled this for you:

Will you enter the guest blogging contest?