Sunday, July 20, 2008

UNIFIL: Hezbollah, We Salute You!

It's pretty clear where the UN stands on the Kuntar deal:

U.N. soldiers salute as a tractor-trailer loaded with coffins of nearly 200 Lebanese and Palestinian fighters and bearing the picture of slain Hezbollah top leader Imad Mughniyeh, right, arrives in the southern city of Tyre, Lebanon, Thursday, July 17, 2008. Eight tractor-trailers loaded with coffins are driving from south Lebanon to Beirut a day after a prisoner swap between Israel and Lebanon.
(AP Photo/Mohammed Zaatari)

Emanuele Ottolenghi comments:

The shamelessness of the UN is no secret, but even its bureaucrats should have the good sense not to get caught on camera. Click here to view UNIFIL’s peacekeepers saluting the passing coffins of Hezbollah and Palestinian terrorists returned to Beirut as part of the prisoner swap with Israel. Notice they seem also to be saluting the image of virgin-bound Imad Mughniya - the mastermind of the U.S. Marines barracks suicide bombing that cost the lives of 241 soldiers in 1983.

If we needed confirmation that UNFIL’s implementation of UN Security Council Resolution 1701 is worse than ineffective, we now have it. The only questions left are: how long until the next war? And will peacekeepers clear the way for the advancing armies or will they provide, as in the past, cover and excuses for the people they are now saluting?

There's something about Hezbollah kidnappings of Israeli soldiers that brings out the worst in UNIFIL.

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