Monday, July 28, 2008

Jewish Neocons And Uncle Toms

David Bernstein writes at The Volokh Conspiracy about Joe Klein, who has fulminated against Jewish Neocons who have acted on behalf of Israel in manipulating John McCain. Bernstein notes that liberals in general, and sometimes Jewish liberals, have used the accusation of dual-loyalty to silence Jewish conservatives:
The purpose, then, of associating "neocons" with Jews, and neoconservatism exclusively or primarily with concern for Israel, is to delegitimize conservative Jews, just as conservative blacks are called "Uncle Toms" and whatnot.
But there is a subtle difference in the way that liberals try to manipulate Jewish vis-a-vis African American conservatives:
One interesting aspect of all this is that the standard left-wing "Uncle Tom" attack on black conservatives accuses them of being insufficiently supportive of "their people," while the emerging attack on Jewish conservatives accuses them of being too supportive of "their people" and thus having dual loyalties. Hmm.
Apparently whatever convenient claim that is at hand will do.

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