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One Jerusalem--End of Week Review: July 18, 2008

From an email:
End of Week Review: July 18, 2008

Dear Friend of Jerusalem,

Here are the latest headlines from the One Jerusalem Blog:

The Murderer Kuntar Speaks: The day after his release from Israeli prison Kuntar speaks: ''This time yesterday I was in the hands of the enemy (Israelis). But at this moment, I am yearning more than before to confront them,'' Kuntar said, "and I ask...(read more)

Petition: Open the Temple Mount For Jewish Prayer: (read more)

Celebrations in Lebanon: (read more)

Letter From Jerusalem: (read more)

Who is Samir Kuntar?: (read more)

Child Murderer Praised By Abbas: Palestinian authority President Abbas, congratulated the family of released Israeli prisoner Samir Kantar. Kantar murdered a child by bashing her head in. He also killed other innocents. All the released prisoners received a heroes welcome from Hezbollah and the Palestinians.The...(read more)

Pat Buchanan, Hitler, Iran, Israel ...: We have been recording the decent of Pat Buchanan into the world of blame Israel for everything. Recently, Buchanan warned against allowing a Jewish Fifth Column to drag the United States into war with Iran. Buchanan does not see Iran...(read more)

Labour Minister Drops Out Of Islamic Expo: Dean Godson, Director of Research at Policy Exchange, shines the spotlight on a gathering of Islamic militants who are full-fledged participants at an extravagant exposition that is parading around as a mainstream gathering of peaceful Muslims. Mr. Godson describes some of...(read more)

Obama's Comments on the 9-11 Attacks: In the much talked about issue of the New Yorker Magazine that has a cartoon of Obama in Arab garb on its cover there is this long quote of Obama's reaction to 9-11 shortly after the attack:Even as I hope...(read more)

Olmert Should Take a Page From Nixon's Playbook: Desperate politicians will do whatever they can to stay in office. Rarely does a politician give up an office for the good of the country. Richard Nixon's decision not to contest the results of the 1960 Presidential election even though...(read more)

Obama flip-flops on Jerusalem... Again: Here's what Obama told CNN's Fareed Zakaria on Sunday, July 13:OBAMA: You know, the truth is that this was an example where we had some poor phrasing in the speech. And we immediately tried to correct the interpretation that was...(read more)

Together we can win the fight to maintain a united Jerusalem!

The One Jerusalem Team

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