Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Sometimes The Numbers Make No Sense

The JTA has the results of a survey of Muslim students in Great Britain.

On the one hand:
Nearly one-third of British Muslim students support killing in the name of religion, a new survey found.
On the other:
Some 79 percent of Muslim students polled said they respected Jews, with 7 percent answering that they had not very much or no respect at all for Jews.
That sounds very impressive, though apparently many of those same Muslim students would kill a Jew in the name of religion. Apparently, respect only goes so far. Still, I wonder how many of those students are from Saudi Arabia?

From 2004:
MEMRI TV Project: Saudi IQRA TV Examines Public Attitudes toward Jews

...excerpts from a show on Saudi Arabia's IQRA TV Channel, which featured "man on the street" interviews about feelings about Jews.

Interviewer: 'Would You, as a Human Being, be Willing to Shake Hands with a Jew?'
Respondent 8 kind of sums it up:
"Allah's wrath is upon them, as the Koran says. Allah's wrath is upon them and they all stray from the path of righteousness. They are the filthiest people on the face of this earth because they care only about themselves - not the Christians, not the Muslims, nor any other religion.
The Saudi school system is definitely doing their job--I'm sure they are very proud.

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