Friday, September 26, 2008

AJC Survey Of Which Candidate Jews Prefer

No surprise about which candidate is prefered, according to The American Jewish Committee poll:
With less than six weeks to go to Election Day, American Jewish voters favor Senator Barack Obama over Senator John McCain for U.S. president by a margin of 57-30 percent. At the same time, an unexpectedly large number, 13 percent, remain undecided about their vote, according to a new American Jewish Committee (AJC) survey.
Basically, the poll offers all kinds of other information as well, for pundits--and bloggers--to cut and paste. For instance, according to the AJC poll:
In terms of party affiliation, 56 percent of American Jews identify as Democrats, 17 percent as Republicans, and 25 percent as Independents.
Based on this, Daniel Halper comes to the following conclusion as to how only 17% of Jews identify themselves as Republicans while 30% support McCain:
And my guess, clearly not scientific, is that those Independents have primarily voted for Democratic candidates in the past. So, I believe it’s most salient that the number of people intending to vote for McCain is almost twice as high as the number of self-described Republicans. Jews are wary of Obama (considering their historical propensity to align themselves with Democratic presidential candidates). Though it seems, too, Jews are wary of being called a Republican.
It's nice to see the Jewish electorate show some backbone. It remains to be seen whether this minor swing of the Jewish vote will be of any consequence come November.

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Ezzie said...

As a note, most people in NY register as Democrats even if they generally vote for GOP Presidents. Seeing as how a huge % of Jews live in NY and many carry out this practice, the number is far less surprising than one might think.