Monday, September 22, 2008

The Disinvitation: A Wakeup Call To Jews In Both Parties

Roger L. Simon writes an Open Letter to My Fellow Jews: The Democratic Party is not your religion (or anybody’s), putting into perspective the implications of the refusal of Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden to attend the UN rally to protest against Ahmadinejad's appearance :
The events leading up to Monday’s anti-Ahmadinejad demonstration by Jewish organizations at the UN put the final nail in an already long-moldering coffin. Jews should no longer align themselves with the Democratic Party any more than they should align with the Republicans. They should act and think for themselves, devoid of ideological or partisan bias. They should first be Americans, not Democratic Party Americans.

...remember that Hillary Clinton – that paragon of the Democratic Party, a woman who calls herself a “progressive” (oh, desecration of the English language!) – was willing to forego the protest of the man who is arguably the most significant enemy of the Jews since Hitler for partisan and (most likely) personal pique reasons. How morally repellent is that! [emphasis added]

And then Joseph Biden told us he was busy–too busy to protest a nuclear-armed madman who fervently believes that his mysterious Twelfth Imam (Mahdi) is destined to unite a chaotic globe under Allah.
Simon concludes:
No, those Democrats thought of themselves and their party first, the citizens of this country and the world later. When Republicans behave in a similar reprehensible manner, we should condemn them with all ferocity. But fellow Jews, stop being slaves to the Democratic Party. End this illicit love affair – not just for your own good, but for the good of humanity. [emphasis added]
Read the whole thing.

Every four years we discuss again the Jewish vote and the Democratic Party. Maybe this is the year serious thought should be given to showing the Democrats they should stop taking the Jewish vote for granted.

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