Monday, September 15, 2008

Peace Partner Fatah Joins Hamas In Children's Television

With predictable results--notice the Disney characters in the background:

These are the terrorists that the US sends Condoleeza Rice to Olmert to negotiate with make concessions to. Shame on all 3 of them.

As to Fatah--what do you expect from a subculture of murder!?

Check out IMRA:
In May 2007, PMW reported that the Hamas TV network was using a Mickey Mouse

character to teach children to seek world Islamic domination. The widespread
international outrage prompted Al Aqsa TV to get rid of the character (they
showed him being beaten to death by an Israeli officer) and replace him with
another animal host.

Now Fatah TV, controlled by the office of PA head Mahmoud Abbas, is airing a
children's show that glorifies a mass murderer of children while trying to
create a Mickey Mouse Club atmosphere.
Last week the program taught children to deny the existence of Israel.

The world did not put up with Hamas's use of the iconic Mickey Mouse to
brainwash children. Will the same international pressure be brought upon
Mahmud Abbas and the official Palestinian Authority to stop using these
beloved characters to sell terror?

Don't bet on it.

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