Monday, September 22, 2008

Listen To Malcolm Hoenlein On How Sarah Palin Got Disinvited From The UN Rally

In an interview with Nachum Segal, Malcolm Hoenlein explains what happened behind the scenes that led to Sarah Palin being disinvited from speaking at today's UN rally to protest Ahmadinejad:

Nachum interviewed Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, who called in live for the latest Weekly Update. In light of the controversy regarding this Monday's rally at the United Nations vis a vis the attendance of Senator Hillary Clinton and Governor Sarah Palin, Nachum had Malcolm respond to an article in The New York Times and set the record straight. Malcolm explained how Senator Clinton and Governor Palin originally got involved in the rally and what transpired to result in neither attending. Malcolm Hoenlein stressed that it was not his decision to disinvite Governor Palin to Monday's rally. Malcolm continues to emphasize the importance of taking part in the rally on Monday, September 22, and to not get sidetracked by the accompanying political goings-on, losing sight of the goal which is to stand up to terror and Iran's President Ahmadinejad. Nachum recommended that the listeners contact Senator Clinton's office and express their feelings for her refusing to attend the rally. Click the link to listen.

This doesn't make Jewish groups--both those that exercised and buckled under pressure--sound any better.

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Ben Plonie said...

I am listening to Hoenlein from your link right now. I have never heard him sound so whipped and so vague. He has lost many points on my Respect-O-Meter. It is also possible that he was snookered by the perverts at J Street who are crowing that they had cooked up 20,000 signatures to fake grass-roots pressure against partisanship.

My note to the Coference following Shabbat:,,,,,

Sarah Palin Disinvite

To the fatcat cowardly morons who made the 'brilliant' decision to disinvite Sarah Palin from Monday's rally at the United Nations,

How many opportunities are the Jewish communities going to have to be joined by a decent well-intentioned national figure with common sense who will most probably have great influence in the near future and might eventually become a US President?

Why don't you pay your PR people another half million dollars to figure it out?

Get a clue: You just reduced the effectiveness of this rally from national stature with vast reportage and an opportunity for major policy statements to dismissal to embarrassing nothingness. Who exactly the hell do you think is interested in listening to your organizations' flacks bleat out their fears and toothless 'demands' on the world's conscience. THE WORLD HAS NO CONSCIENCE. ONLY GOOD PEOPLE LIKE SARAH PALIN HAVE A CONSCIENCE. SHE IS A GIFT FROM GOD, IDIOTS. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS GET THE HELL OUT OF GOD'S WAY.

As Sidney Zion said, it took two thousand years to finally produce stupid Jews. You make me sick and unfortunately you will probably damage the Jewish future before you are dumped.

Ben Plonie
A former Monday attendee

P.S. As a concerned private Jewish citizen speaking for the entire Jewish nation, I hereby apologize to Sarah Palin and John McCain and urge them to bypass the idiotic figureheads of the Conference of Presidents of Jewish Organizations for any future meaningful input and find out who really speaks for the grassroots and the Jewish interest (probably people who make less than a zillion dollars a year in non-profits).

Anonymous said...

Another fantastic link / find. Thanks B!

Daled Amos said...

benplonie wrote:

...J Street who are crowing that they had cooked up 20,000 signatures to fake grass-roots pressure against partisanship.

I just want to point out that the J-Street site gives no indication whatsoever that these signatures were 'cooked' or faked in any way.

Anonymous said...

From my understanding of Malcolm Hoenlein's interview on the John Batchelor Show on ABC 9/21/08 hr #2, threats were made by some of the co-sponsors of the rally or against some of the co-sponsors of the rally if equal participation from both parties was not enforced. Someone had threatened to pull the IRS non-profit status of one or more of the co-sponsors!!!

I wish there was a reporter out there who would elaborate and expose what really happened.

Listen to: