Monday, September 29, 2008

Connecticut Post Attacks Joe Lieberman, "The Senator From Israel"

An editorial in the Connecticut Post has no qualms using the I-word in attacking Lieberman's allegiances:
Joe Lieberman is a politician without a state.

The long-time Democrat, now a party of one who is accused of crimes against the Democratic State Central Committee, thinks he transcends state lines.

In reality, he's now the senator from John McCain -- and Israel. [emphasis added]
Interestingly, the title of the editorial is Democrats should aim higher than Lieberman. It is clear that Lieberman’s aim is far higher than that of the Democrats, or the editors of The Connecticut Post.

More to the point--what is it that makes a newspaper feel free to write something like this, and what does this portend down the road?

[Hat tip: Jennifer Rubin]

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E.D. Kain said...

What a spineless attack. Heaven forbid, a Jewish Senator should have any positive links to Israel!

Lieberman is one of the highlights of the Democratic Party. They lost a great Senator to the ranks of Independents...