Monday, September 15, 2008

Dennis Ross--Obama Advisor--Wants To See Abbas Continue

Dennis Ross advocates Abbas continuing as leader of the PA with the most absurd of reasons:
She [Rice] should identify the options in advance, line up Arab support for Abbas staying in office -- something that should not be hard to do since Arab leaders are likely to fear both a Palestinian leadership void and the prospect of Hamas filling that void -- and then finalize the approach with Abbas.
So Ross admits that the top 2 reasons to continue with Abbas at the helm are:
1. It's better than nothing
2. It's better than having someone who blatantly is against the existence of the state of Israel.
Not very encouraging--but obviously neither Dennis Ross, nor anyone else for that matter, is going to encourage Abbas to continue as leader of the PA because of his leadership skills or his long list of accomplishments.

Funny how Ross seems to gravitate towards 'leaders' with thin resumes and few accomplishments.

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