Thursday, September 11, 2008

OU National Convention in Israel - Time for Action is NOW! 11/23-28th

From an email:
OU National Convention in Israel- Time for action is NOW! 11/23-28th
2008 Ramada Hotel

The OU National Convention, taking place in Israel the week of November
23, is looking for you!

Its # 1 agenda "Jerusalem"; Keep it One. Keep it Ours. We ask you to
join us in:
o Petitioning Israel's PM and President directly regarding the
indivisibility of Jerusalem

o A symbolic "groundbreaking" at the proposed US embassy in Jerusalem

o Build a "wall" in Jerusalem to show the government what a divided
Jerusalem will look like and mean

o Help us promote Aliyah by joining the OU Job Fair in Jerusalem

o An action filled week of touring, lectures, & information
If you want to make a difference and raise your voice in unison with
others from N. America, we urge you to attend the OU National
Convention in Israel.Now it is time for action! Now it is time to
voice our concern! Now it is time to join us in our efforts to keep
Jerusalem unified! Talk is over-NOW is the time to Walk-the-Walk!

As a special incentive to you,THE OU JOB BOARD PARTICIPATING GROUPS:
An additional discounts being offered for this through the OU Job
Board is available. Please contact to receive your
discount code and save even more on this upcoming important mission to

For more information on this discount and to register for the discount
code, please e-mail me your name and address and you will receive an e
mail in reply with the discount code and a link to registration. Some
restrictions apply. Please e mail

See you there!
Michael Rosner

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