Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Olmert and Hamas at a Standoff?

Olmert threatens Hamas that if they don't release Gilad Shalit, Israel will take action.

Hamas threatens Israel that if try anything, they will kidnap more soldiers.

David Hazony notes
That’s not much of a threat. Few things would have done more to save Olmert’s political viability than the successful rescue of Shalit; it is fair to assume that if the IDF hasn’t done it yet, it’s because they do not yet have a reliable plan for pulling it off. But more to the point: Few things would help prove Hamas is hurting Israel more than kidnapping more soldiers, and few things have been taken more seriously in the IDF in the last two years than the problem of protecting soldiers from being kidnapped. If Hamas hasn’t done it until now, it’s probably because (a) they can’t, and (b) they have seen how little it gained either them or Hizbullah in 2006. Both Olmert’s threat and Hamas’ threat seem pretty empty.
Apparently the only difference between Olmert and Hamas is that Hamas will be around longer.

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