Thursday, September 11, 2008

Out of the Mouths of Late Night Comedians (Updated)

Craig Ferguson just finished going on about voting*--and he actually made sense. One point he made: if the candidates make a point of appearing with their families, how can they then claim that their families are off limits.

It reminds me when a fuss was made about Obama's wife--that she would campaign for her husband and make statements analyzed by the media, and then Obama said his wife was off limits.

There is something to what Ferguson said. Granted that the media has gone to extremes in the case of Sarah Palin and are more interested in providing heat than light, if you are going to put your family in the spotlight--shouldn't the candidates be willing to accept the bad with the good?

What do you think?

* What else am I supposed to do while doing the laundry at 1am in the morning?

UPDATE: I'm having second thoughts--if I recall correctly, when Edwards brought up Cheney's daughter during the debate during 2004, she was not involved with the campaign. Likewise, I do not know if Palin's daughter became part of her mother's campaign until after the media made a issue of her.

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