Monday, September 08, 2008

Olmert May Be On His Way Out--But Don't Be Too Happy

Shmuel Rosner warns that:
when Olmert is gone, Israel’s troubles will not go away with him. No “realignment” in the West Bank, no “victory” in Lebanon, no “framework” for peace. Olmert was the luckiest of all politicians before coming to power (nobody expected him to be Sharon’s successor)–but his luck started to run out as soon as he was elevated to the PM’s office. Many Israelis grew to despise Olmert, almost hate him. In time, they’ll realize that it was overreaction. Olmert is not as black as he’s painted–and the alternatives are not as appealing as they now pretend them to be.
Read the whole thing.

You may argue with Rosner about Olmert's leadership, but the fact remains that all of the problems currently facing Israel now will still be there after Olmert is gone.

And is there any Israeli politician untainted with doubt who can be elected with a real mandate on what to do next?

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