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One Jerusalem: End of Week Review: August 29, 2008

From an email:
End of Week Review:  August 29, 2008

Dear Friend of Jerusalem,

Here are the latest headlines from the One Jerusalem Blog:

● Rice Pushes For Division of Jerusalem:  In the dying days of the Bush Administration, Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice is stepping up the pressure for the lame-duck Olmert Government to divide Jerusalem. Aaron Klein of World Net Daily reports on the details of Rice's obsession with...(read more)

● What Is A Giant Iranian Mosque Doing Near Obama's Convention?:  Little Green Footballs has an eyewitness report with photographs....(read more)

● Hizbullah Is Not Just An Israel Problem:  The BBC, The New York Times, and most of the mainstream media generally leave the impression that the terrorist organizations Hizbullah and Hamas will disappear if Israel capitulates to its mortal enemies.In an important new research paper for the Jerusalem...(read more)

● Hamas In Jerusalem:  For those of you under the mistaken impression that Hamas is only active in Gaza, think again.Today, Israeli authorities shut down the offices of Islamic militant leader Sheikh Salah because of its links to Hamas in Jerusalem.  Salas group has...(read more)

● Governor Huckabee on a Divided Jerusalem, Iran and the U.S. Elections:  (read more)

Together we can win the fight to maintain a united Jerusalem!

The One Jerusalem Team

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