Monday, September 22, 2008

National Jewish Democratic Council and J-Street: Politics Before Israel

Jennifer Rubin writes at Pajamas Media about the anger that has been generated in the Jewish Community over the disinviation of Sarah Palin from the UN rally. She pinpoints those who worked so hard to have Palin removed:
The National Jewish Democratic Council took credit for nixing the invitation. And the leftwing “J Street” crowed over its victory: “We collected over 20,000 signatures in 24 hours asking Iran Unity rally organizer Malcolm Hoenlein to take Sarah Palin off the schedule for Monday’s rally, and he caved to our pressure on Thursday afternoon citing the fact that the rally had become too partisan.” They made clear that they viewed this as a victory for precisely the policy which Barack Obama favors: “smart diplomacy.” (’s financier and godfather George Soros was an initial backer of J Street. Its board of advisors contains notable leftwing activists such as Matt Stoller –who previously blogged for Ned Lamont’s Senatorial campaign and the netroot MyDD website– and Eric Alterman of the netroot attack group Media Matters – who recently was exposed for suggesting that a column on ABC News’ website was influenced by its Jewish reporter’s affiliations with other Jewish journalists – and individuals such as Robert Malley who served as an informal advisor to the Obama camp but was dismissed after his negotiations with Hamas were revealed.)
NJDC is a partisan group which we expect to put the Democratic Party before Jews and the safety of Israel--after all, their existence is dedicated to the furtherance of the Democratic Party.

J Street, which is eager to find any opportunity to find a way to make a name for itself--has succeeded. Any mention of the name J Street should immediately remind everyone of the divisiveness of the group in putting self interest before the interests of Israel. A look at their list of supporters makes that clear:
A perusal of J Street's list of supporters further undermines its pretensions to mainstream credibility. One of the most prominent Israelis involved with the group is Avrum Burg, former speaker of the Knesset. A member of a distinguished Israeli political family, he set off a political scandal last year when, in an interview with Ha'aretz, he claimed that "to define the State of Israel as a Jewish state is the key to its end"; he has also compared contemporary Israel to pre-Nazi Germany. Naomi Chazan is a former Knesset member from the left-wing Meretz Party, which has just five seats (out of 120) in the Knesset. Henry Siegman, a former Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, has compared Israel to apartheid South Africa, accused Israeli leaders of having the U.S. government "in their pockets," and claimed (absurdly) that
Noah Pollak, who participated in a journalists conference with J-Street notes, notes that J Street has been less than honest on Burg's background:
J Street places near the top of its list of supporters someone named Avram Burg, who may not ring a bell to many Americans, but who is notorious in Israel. Burg advocates, among other things, the dissolution of Israel as a Jewish state; recommends that Israeli parents secure foreign passports for their children; and compares Israel today to late 1930’s Germany. When asked during the call why someone like Burg is affiliated with J Street, the group’s proprietors downplayed and misrepresented the man’s radicalism. It is difficult to imagine how the J Streeters believe their organization will be taken seriously as a pro-Israel lobby at the same time they advertise the endorsement of a figure like Avram Burg. [emphasis added]
Soccer Dad details the hypocrisy of J-Street which whines about those who claim to know what it means to be pro-Israel, and then turn around and take that mantel for themselves for their own purposes when it comes to Sarah Palin.

Again, the name J Street should be forever associated with its selfish weakening of Jewish unity in defense of Israel in the face of Ahamdinejad's visit to the UN today--and the National Jewish Democratic Council is simply another advocacy group for the Democratic Party.

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