Monday, March 21, 2011

According To The Media, Hamas Isn't Getting Ready For War--It's Merely "Escalating Tensions"

Excerpted from an email from DG:
Escalation from Gaza

With the weekend's escalation of rocket fire from Gaza, it's interesting to note that this shouldn't be a huge surprise.

For example back in January, MK Yaalon said that Hizbullah has agents in Gaza training terrorists:
“Hizbullah experts can get into Gaza like the Iranian rockets are coming to Gaza.” He said Hizbullah terrorists can go from Lebanon to Sudan, then to Egypt and on to Gaza.

In February we had this statement from the IDF's spokesperson following the discovery and detonation of an IED near the security fence
This event constitutes further evidence of attempts by Gaza Strip terror organizations to infiltrate the area adjacent to the security fence on a daily basis in order to carry out attacks meant to harm IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians.
The next day an article reported on Hamas building up its stockpile of weapons (excerpt from Daily Alert)
Two Israeli officials familiar with intelligence reports said this week that Hamas, emboldened by Mubarak’s resignation and its own successful crackdown on popular discontent at home, had stepped up the smuggling of militants and weapons through Egypt to be stockpiled in Gaza for use against Israel. “It’s not just terrorists coming in. It’s dangerous equipment – Grad-type missiles, anti-aircraft missiles,” a senior Israeli official said.
This is after 2010 showed an increase of arms smuggling into Gaza. Too often news organizations simply look at terror and attribute it to one cause or another. But it's important to remember that the ideology of Hamas is to destroy Israel. It isn't just some quaint slogan the terrorists declare at their meetings; it is Hamas's raison d'etre. Now they also have the increased means to attack.

So it's worrisome now that in addition to 50 mortars striking southern Israel on Saturday and a Grad hitting Ashkelon yesterday the IDF is reporting that Hamas is digging more terror tunnels towards Israel.

Israel's fears are well justified, but the MSM seems to look at these as "escalating tensions" rather than an escalation of a terror war.

Elder of Ziyon noted the increase in the sophistication of Hamas's weaponry.

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