Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Jerusalem Bus Bombing And The Last 11 Days (Update: How About 16 days?)

When a Palestinian terrorist kills Israelis, is it ever an isolated incident?
OyVaGoy notes that it has been 11 days of hell for Israeli

  • March 12: An Israeli couple and their three children are stabbed to death in their sleep in Itamar. A Palestinian terror group claimed responsibility for the attack.
  • March 15: A ship delivering arms for Palestinian terrorists to fire into Israel is intercepted in the Mediterranean.
  • March 19: Palestinian terrorists fire 50 mortars and rockets into southern Israel in just 24 hours.
  • March 23: Terrorists blow-up a bus in Jerusalem.
But according to the media, this is not hell, these terrorist attacks are just an increase in tensions...

UPDATE: Remember March 7:
J'lem sanitation worker loses arm to garbage-bag pipe bomb

Police say small pipe bomb placed in garbage bag in Gilo neighborhood; cops believe incident is capital's first terrorist attack in a year.

A sanitation worker from the Jerusalem Municipality lost his hand on Sunday when a garbage bag he was lifting exploded, in what police believe was the first terrorist attack in the capital in more than a year.
Is this connected?

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NormanF said...

Most of that stuff simply does not make into the news even in Israel because Israelis have become inured to it. Terrorism is like the weather, something one must learn to live with from day to day. No one in the West has to live like people do in Israel. In a small country, nothing can be taken for granted. One's own life literally hangs by a thread.

Daled Amos said...

While the West goes to great pains to show empathy for the Muslim point of view, they have little interest in the views of the victim of Islamist terrorism.