Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Facebook Page For "Third Palestinian Intifada" Has Been Removed

UPDATE: It's back

It looks like Muqata is the first blog to post that Facebook has removed the Third Palestinian Intifada page. Sure enough, if you try to access the original facebook page, you are taken back to your own page.

However, Haaretz writes that the issue is not over:

Although the page was removed, a new page already exists in its place with the same name of "Third Palestinian Intifada."
But when I did a search, this is the only page I found called "Third Palestinian Intifada"--and it appears to be a mock page.

So apparently, the outcry against the page and the appeal to Facebook worked:
The Anti Defamation League had filed an official complaint against Facebook for allowing the page to remain up.

In addition, Minister Yuli Edelstein wrote a letter to Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, warning that the page includes calls to kill Jews and to liberate Jerusalem through violence.

The page incites to violence and violates Facebook content regulations, wrote Edelstein.

ADL National Director Abraham Foxman said about the page "We should not be so naïve to believe that a campaign for a ‘Third Intifada’ does not portend renewed violence, especially in the current climate that has seen a dramatic increase in rocket attacks from Gaza, the brutal murder of the Fogel family in the West Bank, and a terrorist bombing in Jerusalem."
So far, there doesn't seem to have been any formal announcement by Facebook, but I imagine they would prefer that this issue just quietly go away.

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