Monday, March 28, 2011

IDF Delegation Lands In Japan

IDF Soldiers Organize the Field Clinic in Japan

The IDF blog reports that the IDF Aid Delegation to Japan Arrives and Sets Up a Field Clinic:
The IDF aid delegation to Japan arrived at Minami Sanriku in the Miyagi Prefecture today after a 14 hour flight and 8 hour bus ride. They held their first operational briefing with GOC of the Home Front Command, Maj. Gen. Yair Golan, and the Head of the IDF Medical Corps, Brig. Gen Nachman Ash.

The city where the IDF field clinic is being established is attracting many displaced persons and the IDF aid delegation is currently distributing and setting up the medical equipment in order to have the field clinic operational. The field clinic will feature:
  1. X-ray
  2. Pediatrics ward
  3. Surgical ward
  4. Maternity and Gynecological wards
  5. Otolaryngology (Ears, Nose and Throat)
  6. Optometry department
  7. Laboratory
  8. Intensive Care Unit
  9. Pharmacy
Seven Japanese nationals who speak Hebrew joined the delegation today in order to provide translation services and serve as liaisons with the local population. A preliminary meeting was held today between the medical officers of the delegation and the representatives from local medical services. Tomorrow, a meeting is scheduled with the community leaders in the area.

Radiation levels in the area where the IDF aid delegation has deployed are being followed carefully by experts from the Atomic Energy Commission and by experts from the IDF Medical Corps in order to ensure that there is no danger posed to delegation members or patients in the area
Members of the delegation to Japan receive a briefing on the plane
Commander of aid delegation boards plane to Japan
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