Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The Other Oldest Profession

Yaacov Lozowick writes Dictators constitute what is really the oldest profession, and notes:
As the international community talks its way out of assisting the brave Libyans fighting for freedom from a brutal dictator and his cruel henchmen, it's worth keeping in mind that even if they did want to do anything, the only people who can are the armed and the trained. Over the past few weeks I have repeatedly noted how the international ineptitude must remind us the importance of never being weak. The flip side is that the price of pacifism and disarmament means accepting brutal dictators.

If Lozowick is right, is the profession of terrorist really all that far behind--if for no other reason than that pacifism is not exactly a 21st (or even 20th) century phenomenon either.

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NormanF said...

Overthrowing Qaddafi may lead a more brutal dictator replacing him.

Especially if that dictator turns out to be an Islamist.

There are no good guys in the Middle East... just shades of tolerably bad despots to really evil despots.