Friday, March 25, 2011

Great News: Egypt Says It Is Committed To Its Peace Accord With Israel!

If only.

It's nice to hear Egypt say they will keep to the peace accord with Israel:
In first officially announced meeting, Cairo's foreign minister says peace is secure, expresses need for "justice, peace" in Gaza.

Egypt's foreign minister told an Israeli official on Thursday that Cairo was committed to its international treaties, Egypt's foreign ministry said, reiterating that the countries' peace accord is secure.

It was the first publicly announced meeting between an Egyptian and an Israeli official since Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak was toppled from power on Feb. 11 and handed power to the military.
But just how committed is it?

Photoonist at describes a simple scenario where Egypt will dump the peace accord with Israel:
This is what could happen: Repeated attacks from Gaza become more massive until a children's school or hospital is destroyed with massive casualties. Israel can no longer restrain its actions and launches a hugely destructive mission against the Gazan terrorists (and the people who had celebrated in the streets). Egypt, its military having long made deals with the Muslim Bro. by then, announces that Israel's actions abrogate all treaties Egypt has with them. And that's the end of that, and the beginning.
Let's face it: neither the scenario in Gaza nor Egypt's reaction to it are far-fetched.
Israel's cold peace with Egypt has be replaced with a very tenuous one.

Egypt's Foreign Minister Nabil Elaraby was quoted on the general need for "justice and comprehensive peace". On the issue of Gaza he said that Egypt had a "firm position on the need to take into consideration the humanitarian issues and holds Israel responsible for them as an occupying force."

Already, Egypt has established 2 excuses for breaking off relations with Israel: intransigence in the peace process and the issue of Gaza.

How long do you give this rediscovered peace between Egypt and Israel?

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