Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Iraq May No Longer Have It's Eyes On Kuwait--But Iran Does

An excerpt from an email from DG:
As revolutions spread throughout the Middle East, the story of liberation has forced a different story (and perhaps a more important story) to the background. That story is the story of Iran's efforts to spread its influence, and the Saudi efforts to prevent that influence from spreading.

Though Kuwait isn't Saudi Arabia, it is on side of the Saudis. So this story is of interest.
A Kuwaiti criminal court condemned two Iranians and a Kuwaiti national to death on Tuesday for being part of an Iranian spy ring, media reports say. A Syrian national and a stateless Arab were also handed life sentences at the conclusion of the trial while an Iranian man and the daughter of one of the Iranians sentenced to death were acquitted, reported Agence-France Presse.

The three men sentenced to death and the Syrian were all serving in the Kuwaiti army back at the time of their arrest last year while the stateless Arab was said to be an ex-soldier in the country's military.
I have no idea how credible the trial and charges were. But it's a sign, I think, that Kuwait fears Iran.

Iran has fears too. It doesn't want people to know that there are protests against the Assad government. Neither does Iran-allied Al Jazeera.

Iran doesn't just have its old friends, Egypt now is looking to restoring relations with Iran.

And Egypt's also starting to look favorably towards Iran's nearby client, Hamas.
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