Thursday, March 24, 2011

Video: What does Israel think about the Arab revolution?

I can only link to the video--not embed it, but it is short (7:47 minutes) and well worth it: Uncommon Knowledge: The Arab World with Hanson & Berkowitz: Chapter 4 of 5:
Today on Uncommon Knowledge Peter Berkowitz and Victor Hanson point out the grave danger to Israel resulting from the upheaval in the Mideast.

Victor Hanson:
Any time in history where you had Syria and Egypt both bellicose you have had a war with Israel every time.
At least we have not reached that point yet.
We can only hope that protesters in Syria are successful, while somehow all those weapons the US has provided Egypt over the years do not fall into the hands of Islamists.

That is a lot to expect.

Hansen goes on to describe the potential scenario of the next war: Missiles fired into Israel from all sides, sending half of Israel into bomb shelters, while terrorists infiltrated into the country.

Listen to the whole thing.

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