Thursday, March 31, 2011

Video: World View Interview--The Netanyahu Interview

Netanyahu's interview on YouTube as part of the "World View Interview" series is available on YouTube.

Bibi answered 2 sets of questions--questions from Israelis that were asked and answered in Hebrew and questions asked from around the world that were asked and answered in English.

According to the AP summary:
The questions from the Israeli audience focused mostly on domestic and security issues.

Responding to a question about protests in Syria, Netanyahu said: "I would be happy if Syria would be democratic. We have nothing to fear from democracy in the Middle East, democracy is not the enemy of peace."

He said upheaval in the Arab world is positive if it leads to democracy, but it would have a devastating affect on the world if Iran-backed militants prevail.

Asked about a Palestinian engineer who disappeared in Ukraine and later surfaced in an Israeli jail, Netanyahu said, "He is a Hamas member, held legally in Israeli detention." Netanyahu added, "He delivered important information," without elaborating.
Here is the video of the English part of the interview:

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