Friday, March 18, 2011

Iran Gets Into The Spirit Of Things: Calls For UN To Intervene In Bahrain Over Crackdown On Protesters

V'Nahafoch Hu

Since the West is going to intervene in the Libyan slaughter of its people, Iran wants to help pinpoint another country that slaughter its citizens--in complete disregard for international law and in complete disregard for the will of its people:
Iran calls for U.N. action over Bahrain crisis

Bahrain crisis could worsen Sunni-Shi’ite sectarian tensions in the region

Iran has complained to the United Nations about Bahrain's crackdown on Shi'ite protesters and asked regional countries to join it to urge Saudi Arabia to withdraw troops from the island state, reports said on Thursday.

The main Shi'ite power in a region dominated by Sunni Muslim rulers, Iran has said the Bahrain crisis, where at least six people died in clashes on Wednesday, could lead to wider conflict.
Let's concentrate on the evil threat to world peace, whose name is on everybody's lips: Bahrain.

What would we do without Iran?
(wouldn't you love to find out...)

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