Thursday, December 18, 2008

70 Cool Chanukah YouTube Videos

From Good News From Israel:
70 Cool Chanukah YouTube Videos

Hi Everyone!

I created a list of 70 cool Chanukah YouTube videos.
There is something for everyone.

The list includes:

  • Adam Sandler's - The Chanukah Song
  • Kenny Ellis sings his hit single Swingin' Dreidel
  • I Had a Little Dreidl - Bagel Blvd Chanuka Edition
  • Captain Smartypants sings Dreidel
  • The Funky Gold Menorah by The Mama Doni Band
  • Chabad: Chanukah Around the World
  • Nefesh B'Nefesh: Modern Day Miracles
  • Birthright: Light em Up
  • Hanukkah Bird (animation and song)
  • My Menorah - The knack is back! (animation and song)
  • Ahmedinijad admits he is addicted!
  • Eli Yazpan, Hanukkah (in Hebrew)
  • The Man Show - Hanukkah with Bill Goldberg
  • Jewlarious: he Miracle on 42nd Street
  • Meshugga Beach Party - Oh Hanukkah
  • Al Hanisim - Six13 @ Chabad Chanukah Telethon
  • Hannukah Song Texas Style
  • Oy Cappella - Adam Sandler Chanukah Song
  • Voices of Liberty singing O Hannukah
  • Aish: Just Jew It - True Chanuka Story
  • Chana Zelda
  • "The Latke Song" by Debbie Friedman
  • How to play Chanukah Dredyl
  • Gerber Folk Skewer The Dreidel Song
  • The Eight Nights of Hanukkah, as told by Jewish celebrities
  • Purim Homintaschen vs. Hannukah Latke debate
  • Light One Candle performed by Peter, Paul and Mary
  • Light Up - Moshe Skier Band 2006
  • Feed Me Bubbe - Latkes
and many more.....

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