Monday, December 22, 2008

Britain Has Lost The Stomach For One Fight--But Continues Another

Times Online notes:
Britain has lost the stomach for a fight

Last week Gordon Brown announced a date for Britain’s withdrawal from Iraq. Most troops will be back in time for a spring general election. The prime minister posed with soldiers and expressed his sorrow over yet more fatal casualties in Afghanistan. He did not dwell on Britain’s humiliation in Basra, nor mention that this is the most inglorious withdrawal since Sir Anthony Eden ordered the boys back from Suez.
But never fear--there will always be one fight that the British will apparently never give up on:
The British government this week stepped up its efforts to stifle Jewish growth in Judea and Samaria by warning British citizens against purchasing houses or property in Jewish settlements. Ha'aretz reported that London also imposed measures tying the recent upgrade of relations between Israel and the European Union to the cessation of construction in the Jewish communities of the so-called "West Bank."

Last month Britain demanded that EU members states more vigorously implement a decision to clearly label Israeli products made in the settlements in order to deter European consumers from purchasing them.

Ha'aretz further reported that British Prime Minister Gordon Brown recently sent a letter to Palestinian leader Mahmoud Abbas pledging ongoing British involvement in the Arab world's battle to remove the Jewish presence from those biblical lands.
Yes, we can always be thankful that Great Britain will never lose sight of the bigger picture. 
They used to say that the sun never sets on the British Empire--there are a number of reasons that is no longer said today.

Great Britain withdrawing from Iraq while concentrating on Israeli product labels is one of them.

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